Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crowded Out!

Matthew 13:2
Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore.

I detest being in a large crowd. I loathe the jostling bodies and awkward maneuvers necessary to keep my feet from getting stomped on. It's stuff and hot and smelly. Then, there's the noise - the constant cacophony of voices piercing the air.

That being said, you won't find me at a festival or concert or sporting event. Any place that promises to draw a mob. I happen to covet my personal space. I think Jesus did, too.

In today's passage, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have left homes and labor to see this miracle worker, this healer, this incomparable teacher for themselves. To avoid the crush of the crowd, Jesus retreats to a boat which sits just offshore.

Imagine the pushing, the shoving, as people jockey for better positions in order to see and hear Him! Hear the din of excited shouts and exclamations at being in the Lord's presence!

Jesus speaks one word.


The audience is hushed. All movement has ceased. All eyes are riveted on Him. All ears expectantly await His message.

Talk about crowd control!

Before you read and meditate upon the suggested scriptures listed at the bottom of this post, hear God telling you, exhorting you, with one word.


Don't crowd Him out.

Be still.

See Him through His word.

Hear Him with your heart.


Psalms 45 or 47, 48
Ezra 5:1-17
Revelation 4:1-11
Matthew 13:1-9


  1. Wow! Very powerful. Thanks for that one. I'll be listening all day.

  2. Hi Martha:
    The quote that resonates with me after read this is:
    Be still and know that I am God

    It's a bit like my column from yesterday Being content with silence. For it is only in the quiet and the solitude that the real God presents himself. He wants to know that He has your undivided attention.

    I'm not a big fan of crowds either. I'm most comfortable with a small group of friends, 4 or 5 at the most. I will venture out to fairs and festivals though, but the moment I've had enough, I'll leave. That's why I like going by myself or one person in particular who I feel comfortable with. We both have the same radar and we know when one of us has had enough. Typically the other is ready to pack in as well.

  3. Thanks, Hank and Chris, for stopping by today!
    @Hank - He'll be glad you were! :)
    @Chris - I will look for your column from yesterday and be sure to leave you a comment. Yes, the "be still" struck me, too; it is one of my favorite verses. Glad to know I'm not the only one uncomfortable in a crowd!

    Blessings to you both!

  4. I'll be somewhere listening...
    heard that oldie?

  5. Strong write and something to hold to. You had me at 'Listen'. I too covet my space.

  6. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments, Debra and Brenda!
    @Debra - In the silence of outdoors, just a moment ago, His voice . . . clear as crystal. I know what I need to refocus within me! An oldie, but a goodie!
    @Brenda - Yes, it's all in the listening, the being still; had another epiphany tonight because of it. Treasure your time and space in quiet with the Lord. There is nothing that can compare . . .

    Blessings to you both!


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