Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Love Being a "Gammie"!

From the moment I laid eyes on my granddaughter, Virginia Rose, she stole my heart completely and will hold it forever. In just two days from now, she will have graced our lives for one whole month. How amazing it is, when I look at this photo taken not two hours after her birth, to see how quickly and dramatically a baby changes in four short weeks. The following are a series of photos that reflect her "growing up".

Not quite one week old and already into the pacifier.

Nine days old and already peeking over Daddy's shoulder.

At two weeks, I'm loving my bath!

And, I'm trying to smile!

Three weeks old; got milk?

Pretty in pink at almost one month!

What a miracle you are, Virginia Rose. This Gammie loves you up to the moon and back!

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