Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lent - Part Two

Many heartfelt thanks to all of you who responded to the blog, Lent - Part One! I hope in sharing your terrific ideas here, someone who has yet to decide what to give-up/take-on for Lent will be inspired to choose one of your disciplines. I've put these in list form for easier reading.

  • Chocolate
  • Condiments
  • Milk
  • Dessert
  • All meat and animal by-products (I'm impressed!)
  • Facebook
  • Computer games, on-line and off
  • I-pod
  • Profanity
  • Negative thoughts about others
  • Spending more time with family
  • Establishing set prayer times and routines
  • Studying a particular book in the Bible
  • Developing a grateful attitude in all things
  • Praying daily for our troops
  • Saying extra prayers for family members
  • Reading Christian blogs subscribed to but too often ignored
  • Doing everything daily to recall Christ's great sacrifice for us
  • Breaking habits that lead to weight gain (One could argue that this could go under "Giving Up", too.)
So, what am I giving-up/taking-on for Lent? I am abstaining from playing computer solitaire - I am SO addicted to it and it is nothing but a colossal waste of time. Instead, I plan to complete a Bible study entitled "Peter - Learning to Be Like Jesus", to write down (already started this one) all prayer requests and pray daily for those listed, and to write at least one inspirational blog per week.

Know, too, my friends: If the going gets tough, each Sunday throughout Lent is considered a "mini-Easter", a time when you are allowed, if you choose, to indulge in that piece of chocolate or glass of milk. And, should a negative thought pop into your head when someone cuts you off in traffic or a curse escape your lips, ask God to forgive you and don't forget to forgive yourself, too. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were your habits. View the changes you are making as opportunities to form a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ. Take up your cross and follow with joy the One who banished sin and death by His death and resurrection.

May this Lenten season be filled with unexpected and wondrous blessings for all of you!

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