Friday, August 26, 2011


Mark 14:38
Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Before my blog was dedicated to daily devotions, a result of God's calling, it was entitled "Martha's Meanderings; I would write intermittently on topics that interested me and which I hoped would be of interest to others. One particularly popular series I offered was centered around Lent with emphasis on what people planned to give up or take on during that penitential and reflective season of the church year. I was duly impressed with both the sacrifices and added, spirit-renewing activities my readers were eager to embark upon for those long and, for some, arduous forty days preceding Easter. Their spirits were, indeed, in it for the long haul, or so it seemed . . .

I wonder . . . For how many did the good and God-inspired intentions fall by the wayside after Lent conceded to Easter? The spirit, so willing and committed in us all, sees a beginning, a process, but the end permits a backslide into former habits and comfortable practices once Lent becomes a thing of the past. How many changes survived the Lenten journey? How many sacrifices and convictions declared transformed us, truly resurrected us into Christ's promise? Did those forty days make a lasting difference, denote a declaration of a heart turned, a mind renewed, a soul reborn?

In the last moments of His life here on earth, Jesus understood, in fullness and with clarity,the entire gambit of what the human spirit can bear. He became one of us to understand us and fill us with a new hope, a renewed spirit. He knew that we can have every good intention in this world to do what is right and honorable, but what we really need are "God-Intentions", the willingness and determination, to place all of our faith and trust in Him to save us from all temptation and shortcomings. We need to pray as He did to the Father: "Not my will, but yours be done." We must know this: in our weakest moments, the Lord gives us strength beyond measure.

Alleluia and amen!

Psalms 16, 17, or 22
1 Kings 5:1-6:1, 7
Acts 28:1-16
Mark 14:27-42


  1. I too often wonder how many are transformed after a period of a Lent or any fast that we go through with thoughts and reflection on life and god. I have seen the most religious and ritualistic people having a mean heart that no matter how much penance or fast they keep, they still are not any closer to god because I believe being kind to any living being is godliness. Lovely post Martha

  2. Looking at this from a personal development perspective it without doubt is difficult to make changes that stick. One needs to elevate their effort to change, from a half-hearted attempt to a truly transformative enterprise. Our capability and motivation to dedicate ourselves to a vision, discipline ourselves to take consistent action is hard pushed.
    My solution that I offer is to focus on envisioning your true desires, and turning it from a by a should or ought to.

  3. Personally I think it is very difficult for us mortal being s to change. We don´t accept change easily and we are not willing to change (most of us anyway). From experience I have learnt that the person who want to change will and they will embrace the change with open arms.

    I read a story today about a man who recently underwent heart surgery. In the interview he said that he is not willing to change the food that he is eating. That reinforces my sentiment.

  4. Great thoughts, Rimly and Larry! Yes, loving others as ourselves is what sets us apart as Christians; it is so sad to see those for whom church is a duty, not a joy.

    It is not easy to make changes and old habits die hard. It does take commitment and dedication and, sometimes, lots of prayer! :)

    Blessing to you both and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Nelieta, you are absolutely right. It is difficult to stop a habit or routine or begin a new one. I found I did better with continuing the disciplines I took on at Lent than the ones I gave up. Know God was leading me in this!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comment!


  6. Changes happen... We are always going through changes... the subtle ones are hard to see or we ignore them as we are focused on the larger changes.
    it takes one to look honestly within to either make the changes or observe what is happening.

  7. Indeed, we are, Savira. We too often miss the subtle changes that are helping us to grow spiritually each day until we stop to look back and reflect upon how far we have come.


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