Monday, August 22, 2011

True Prosperity

Psalm 4:6
Many, LORD, are asking, "Who will bring us prosperity?"
Let the light of your face shine on us.

No mistake about it, our country is in, and has been for longer than I can recall in my lifetime, an economic slump. This is not a comfortable or reassuring place to be. Jobs are lost, businesses sit on their funds, fearful and hesitant to create new positions and generate growth, homes are foreclosed upon, families are stressed and strained beyond measure, college is postponed because of lack of funds and uncertainties. Those who have managed to brave college in these days, with degree in hand, find it nigh impossible to land a job beyond a fast food establishment. Many who were looking at retirement now cling to their jobs tenaciously, fearful of their future should they let go. When will this errant train get back on track? Where is the light at the end of this depressing tunnel? Who, now, will bring us prosperity?

Despite all the doom, gloom, and trepidation faced by many in this day, churches in communities everywhere are reaching out, lending a hand-up, assisting those who are victims of unfortunate economic circumstances. In everything from soup kitchens, to shelters, to job counseling, to food pantries, Christians are replacing fear with faith, despair with hope, worry with reassurance, sorrow with joy. They are loving others as Christ first loved us, freely, generously, and unconditionally. In their faces and in their actions are reflected with brilliance the shining light of the Lord. They know and show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in whom true prosperity is found.

Will you pray with me? Heavenly Father, Lord and Giver of Life, help us to love as you love, to serve as you serve, and tell the world of the true prosperity found only in you. May our faces shine with your light, may our words be filled with your truth, may our actions speak louder than our words and ever testify to your mercy, your forgiveness, and your steadfast love. In Jesus' precious name, amen.

Psalms 1, 2, 3 or 4, 7
1 Kings 1:5-31
Acts 26:1-23
Mark 13:14-27


  1. Poverty and struggles are awful, but it always brings the best out of others who do everything to lend a helping hand

  2. It is only through sharing what we have that we will come out of the challenges we find ourselves in now. By sharing, we are telling the Universe/Source/God that we believe there is plenty to go around. And there is plenty to go around. We have to BELIEVE it though.

  3. Thanks, Larry and Chris, for stopping by! Yes, I strongly believe that when those who are able all pitch in, there is more than enough help for those who are truly in need. May God bless those churches that are doing so much for so many!


  4. It is through the bad times that humanity begins to show itself.. Brings a new awareness to what the world is going through no matter the class, culture or race.

  5. Amen....!! I see it happening more and more, if there is a leader who will step up and spearhead a drive or something!! Most people are good at heart, and with Christ - we could be even better Martha!! Nice post and prayer at the end!
    brother bernie

  6. Amen Martha! Tell it like it is.
    I'm agreeing with your prayer - every word.


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