Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Things First

Philippians 1:21
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Who comes first in your life? If you are a Christian reading this post in the safety and comfort of your home, ten to one, your prompt response is, "Jesus, of course!" Now, keeping that in mind, what might your answer be if you were asked the same question in the following situations?
  • Church potluck
  • Your child's football game
  • Hosting a dinner for new neighbors
  • Being invited to a dinner as a new neighbor
  • Business luncheon
  • Job interview
  • Speaking engagement
  • Mission trip
  • Attending or teaching school
  • Political rally
  • Environment hostile to Christians
Did your answer remain the same? Did it waver at all? Did you have second thoughts or ponder the consequences for you or your family if you stayed loyal to Jesus?

Today's scripture finds Paul in prison for his belief in Christ Jesus. He is writing to the church at Philippi to encourage and bolster them in the faith as, they, too, are suffering from opposition and persecution. His life is no longer his own - it is Christ's, fully and completely; to live is meaningless without the Lord, and death, the time when he will see Him face to face, is gain, the immeasurable reward of eternal life. He will not be moved; he will not be shaken. His response to the question posed above will ever be, "Jesus, of course!"

Is it still yours?

Psalms 45 or 47, 48
1 Kings 16:23-34
Philippians 1:12-30
Mark 16:1-8 (9-20)


  1. Beautiful and thought provoking. I do ask myself this question often and try to live in such a way that the answer doesn't vary fro situation to situation but there are certain challenging areas. This post is a wonderful reminder that we are to believe regardless of cost. Thanks for sharing this today! I look forward to getting to know you better!:)

  2. Thank you, Colleen, for stopping by and leaving such encouraging words. Yes, we sometimes forget the high price Jesus paid for us when counting the cost in difficult situations. As you said, regardless of the cost, we must be faithful!

    I'm so glad you hooked on to my blog and I look forward to knowing you better, too!


  3. His loving kindness is better than life...
    No question in my mind
    that He comes above all else.

  4. Paul certainly was the "poster child" for faith in the midst of adversity... And you're 100% right, for most of us, our answer would vary, at least slightly in many of the situations you mentioned. May we all have Paul's fortitude in proclaiming our faith in all parts of our lives.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Thank you for stopping by, Phil! Yes, we should all hope and pray to be as brave and faithful as Paul.



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