Thursday, September 29, 2011

Want Fries With That?

1 Corinthians 9:10
Surely he says this for us, doesn't he? Yes, this was written for us, because whoever plows and threshes should be able to do so in the hope of sharing the harvest.

Two weeks ago, our family celebrated another milestone: My oldest stepson, Giovanni, landed his first real job at our local Wendy's! Talk about thrilled! In his first week at the restaurant, he was trained to clean the dining room, pour drinks, run the registers, and make the fries, LOTS of fries. He is working hard to learn the ropes and to do his duties well. He doesn't mind the rather unfashionable uniforms, the long hours on his feet, the smell of grease, or the occasional grease burn; his eyes are set on the prize - that glorious first paycheck and the many to follow. With the advantage of still living at home, he can save his money for whatever he desires with his only obligation to us being to pay his part of car insurance for the vehicle he and I share.

While Danny and I are proud of Giovanni's work ethic and happy for this initial step into the real world, our next goal is to help him understand how impossible it would be, if he were on his own, to pay the bills on a Wendy's salary. Just ask anyone in these tough economic times who has lost a job, a home, or both, who might be able to find work, but not earn near enough to make ends meet. They are willing to put their hands to the plow and their feet on the threshing floor, but the harvest, for them, is meager. If they are drawing unemployment, at least they have a guaranteed income of sorts, usually insufficient, but they are, under the system, not allowed to supplement that amount by taking just the sort of job Giovanni has. I think if Paul, the champion of the work ethic, were here right now, he would denounce this system as being broken and in need of a major overhaul!

Will you pray with me? Father in Heaven, I pray today for all those families and individuals who want to work, but can't find jobs. Guide, comfort, and protect them as they struggle through these difficult times. I pray, too, for an economic turn-around in this country, one that will thrive and put people back to work again. I ask, Father, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Psalms 105:1-22 or 105:23-45
2 Kings 18:28-37
1 Corinthians 9:1-15
Matthew 7:22-29


  1. Of Course I will pray with you. You are so selfless and you inspire us too.Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Janu! Your sweet words of encouragement mean so much.
    Blessings always!

  3. Wonderful prayer for God to guide folks affected by our poor economy. I will accept that blessing too. Thanks, Martha.

  4. Thank you, Hank! I will be sure to read your latest at some point today!

  5. That's a powerful need, and a wonderful prayer Martha. It's a very difficult time for many right now, so focusing on God's wondrous presence in our lives is an important perspective to keep.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Thank you, Phather Phil, for stopping by! Your encouragement lifts my heart and I am so grateful for your input.
    I do feel for the many who are without work and suffering right now; I am so fortunate to have a husband who provides so, when I lost my job, we had to regroup, but have been graced in not losing a step, thanks be to God. Those who are less fortunate are so on my mind and heart.

    Looking forward to your next post, my friend!


  7. Ditto to everything said above and am praying with you too, sis!! Blessings in the Name of Jesus! AMEN!

  8. Thanks, Bernie! Blessings to you, my brother!


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