Sunday, October 2, 2011

Don't Cry

Luke 7:13
When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, "Don't cry."

My granddaughter, Virginia Rose, is one happy little girl 99.9% of the time. So when she does cry, as she did the other day at my house when she lost her balance and her cheekbone hit a measuring cup she had been playing with, it is both unexpected and heart-wrenching. I immediately scooped her up and held her close, rocking her gently and offering soothing words. Even as I attempted in every way I knew how to comfort her, I realized that her crying probably wouldn't stop until the painful throbbing in her face subsided and the initial shock of the hurt dissipated. I hate to see anyone cry, let alone my own grandchild; it always makes me want to cry, too. Fortunately, her wails subsided within a minute or two and, as if it never happened, she happily returned to the floor to play with her toys.

In today's scripture, Jesus and His disciples are approaching the gate of the town of Nain when they encounter an impressive funeral procession. The grieving mother, a widow, has lost her only son, and the many friends and family members who mourn with her attest to the magnitude of her loss. When Jesus sees her tears, her stricken face, He has compassion for her in the enormity of her sorrow. He approaches her, probably with tears of empathy welling up in His eyes, and speaks two words to her: "Don't cry." He then steps up to the bier upon which her lifeless son lies and commands him to rise. Oh, happy day! The son instantly sits up and begins speaking! The crowd is overwhelmed with fear and awe and amazement. Tears flow again, not from sadness now, but from unspeakable joy and gratitude.

Are you hurting today? Is your heart brimming with sorrow? Are your eyes blurred by tears that won't cease? Turn to Jesus. Let Him hold you in His loving arms. Hear Him whisper, "Don't cry", and know that He will make everything right in the end.

Psalms 118 or 145
2 Kings 20:1-21
Acts 12:1-17
Luke 7:11-17


  1. Dear Martha, as usual this is so beautiful! Is that your little grand daughter? If so, she is an angel! What a beautiful blessing she must be to you!

  2. Yes, everything will be right in the end. We need to live on this promise. Otherwise, as the teacher tells us, it is all meaningless. Thanks for today's message.

  3. Yes, prayers will help when we are hurting. Thanks.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by today! I so appreciate each of you!
    @Colleen - yes, the photo is of my granddaughter and she is a blessing indeed!
    @Hank - It is all in the promise.
    @Janu and Jerly - prayers are essential in healing our hurting hearts.

    Blessings all!


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