Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a Touch . . .

Matthew 9:18
While he was saying this, a synagogue leader came and knelt before him and said, "My daughter has just died. But come, and put your hand on her, and she will live."

Jairus, the name given this leader of the synagogue in the gospels of Mark and Luke, is desperate. His beloved daughter has died and, overwhelmed with shock and grief, he seeks out Jesus, convinced of His power to heal and restore his little girl to life. Before his daughter's illness and subsequent death, had Jairus been a scoffer, a mumbler along with his fellow Pharisees regarding this man, Jesus, who usurped their once complete authority over the people? Had he accused the Lord of blasphemy when He told the paralyzed man his sins were forgiven? Did it take every ounce of humility he could muster to approach Jesus and kneel at His feet to make his request?

Or, was Jairus one of the pharisees, like Nicodemus, who observed Jesus' actions furtively, listened quietly to His teachings, falling in awe of Him? Did he lay awake at night, mulling over the miracles performed by this man and wondering, in his heart of hearts: Is this Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God, the Messiah? Was it an honor for him to bow before the Lord, knowing not simply what He could do, but who He truly was?

While we cannot know for certain what Jairus thought about Jesus, one thing is clear: he had tremendous faith in the Lord's ability to not only heal, but also to raise from the dead. ". . .put your hand on her, and she will live." No words, no ceremonies; just a simple touch. That's all it would take . . .

How has the touch of Jesus healed you at a point in your life? When did His merciful hand raise you from the death that is sin into new life with Him? Are you at a crossroads of pain or uncertainty, needing to feel Him touching your heart, soothing your anxieties? Believe, as Jairus did, that His slightest touch can work a miracle in you!

Psalms 131, 132, (133) or 134, 135
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Matthew 9:18-26


  1. God in any form can work a miracle, only if we believe...nice post. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Janu! Yes, He can! :)

  3. Since my daughter first started having health issues, God has carried us in His hands. I have no other explanation for getting through some of what we experienced.

  4. Martha - I never doubt God's power to work a miracle but I prefer to dwell on the Lord of everyday miracles. He's more someone I can relate to. Despite my many attempts to run away from God's love the miracle is that I can't :)

  5. Many years ago my husband left me suddenly and emptied our joint bank account on his way out. I was devastated and scared -- Not just about how to survive with two young kids, but how to live in a world where people act like that.

    The only relief I found when I lay in bed, faced with the darkness of another long, scary night ahead, was to close my eyes and really see & feel the living Jesus holding my hand and kissing my face (especially that tense little frown right between my eyes)and saying over and over again, "I'm here. I love you. It's O.K."

    That's how I got through it.

  6. Ladies, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
    @Mary - God always carries us through in all we endure; we see this so much more clearly when someone we love is ill and the miracles of healing happen.
    @Corinne - I love what you said about not being able to run away from the miracle of His love. Yes, and we should see Him in the little things in life, too!
    @Linda - What a frightening and devastating experience you went through! How I love that you could feel Jesus comforting you with a physical presence - oh, what a miracle that is!

    Love and blessings to all!

  7. I could use his touch right now. My back pain woke me up last night...
    Prayer appreciated ;-)


  9. Hi Martha:
    I remember the EXACT month and year:
    February 1990. I even have a staff as a solid memory of how I felt that day. I was miserable, depressed, out walking in the woods trying to figure out what went wrong. My life had crashed around me and I stumbled over this piece of wood in my path. I ACTUALLY physically felt a hand pick me up. Didn’t see any apparition, Didn't hear any voice. But I KNEW beyond doubt that it was the divine lifting me up. I looked back down and saw this piece of wood in my path and something made me pick it up. I brought it home, polished it and dated it so that I would ALWAYS recall that day as my re-birth, the day I realized we are all TRULY watched over and cared for.

  10. Thank you, Debra, Bongo, and Chris for taking the time to drop by and comment.
    @Debra - oh, friend, I am praying! Danny has occasional back trouble and I KNOW how painful it can be.
    @Bonnie - I am praying that He is doing all He can and it will break through to you, my dear!
    @Chris - Wow! What an amazing story! Divine intervention? You bet! So glad you have that staff as a reminder of an already unforgettable memory!
    Blessings to all!

  11. Miracles happen everyday, belief in them is harder to see.

  12. He is always there... we choose when to see him... when we should know that he never chooses when to hold us.

  13. Martha, I don't know where I would be without the touch of his hand on my life. So much struggle, so many mistakes, and this stupid body that doesn't work the way I want it to, and doubt, and negative voices, through it all he keeps me steady – through it all I know – I just know that I know that I know. I heart your discussion of maybe who Jairus was – there is even a tradition in the church that Thomas the apostle was a servant of Jairus. And I heart your questions at the end. They did make me stop. They did make me think. They did make me thank Him for being who he is and how much he loves. I'm sorry I've been gone for a while – you know why. I'm beginning to breathe now – and smile – and this – this today – made me smile. God bless you Martha.

  14. Okay, blown away, my dear friends, with your insightful comments! Before I go further, thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit and to encourage me with your wise words.
    @Jan - oh, yes, every day and every moment, miracles exist. We become so jaded in the everyday routine, we fail to see and believe as little children, full of faith, and wonder, and hope.
    @Savira - He holds us always, whether we feel, see, hear it or not. It is in faith that we turn, consciously, toward Him in all things.
    @Craig - Breathe, my friend; you have not been absent. You have been more present than you could ever imagine regarding your tributes to Sara and her passing. I am so heartened that the question at the end made you think as your posts always lift me into a realm I never imagined could exist. You have helped my writing so much in so many ways. God is working out His plan for you, for me, in the fullness of time . . .

    Blessings to you all!


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