Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Great Sower

Matthew 13:31-32
He told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches."

When I had a garden, I loved my annual trip to our local nursery to purchase my packs of seeds. My children enjoyed feeling the seeds inside their colorful paper wrappers, guessing the size and shape of each type. They would shake the packets up and down, back and forth, delighted by the different rattles each made.

"Will the seeds in here really turn into this?" My daughter, Sarah, asked, pointing to the photo of a squash plant on the cover of a packet.

"Yes, it will," I replied, "if it has the proper soil, water and sunshine."

"But, if you leave them in here," my son, Daniel, chimed in, holding a packet aloft, "they won't do anything. They'll just stay seeds."

"Forever?" Asked Sarah.

Daniel pondered this one for a moment. He turned to me.

"Mom, will these seeds rot in here?"


"Okay, they'll be rotten seeds then," he declared with a grin, tossing the packet onto the kitchen table.

Rotten seeds . . .


Jesus is the Great Sower. We are the seeds. Unlike the ones I planted in my garden, we have a choice.

We can turn down His offer to be planted in God's Kingdom. We can remain seeds, tucked safely away in a paper package. Slowly crumbling, wasting away for eternity . . .

Or, we can accept. When we do, we are transformed, just like a seed well sown. We die to our seed-selves to become new creations, bearing much good fruit and producing more seed to spread upon the field of the Kingdom.

If today you are feeling as minute and insignificant as a mustard seed, envision the end result. Have faith that God is growing you. Trust the Lord to bring the sunshine and rain you need into your life. Thank Him for rooting you in His nourishing care. Know that He has blessed you to be a blessing for others.

Psalms 55 or 138, 139:1-17 (18-23)
Nehemiah 4:1-23
Revelation 7:(4-8) 9-17
Matthew 13:31-35


  1. Interesting how life serves as a parable for God's intentions, more evidence of the Master's plan. Thanks for the reminder that God has a plan for our use of this glorious day.

  2. Thanks, Hank, for stopping by!

    Hope your day is glorious as well!


  3. Bingo, you have captured one of my favorite beliefs in Christ's message. One of my favorite songs of all times is 'The Rose' written by Amanda McBroom and made famouse by Bette Midler. It says to me that you have everything you need inside you but you do need God to realize your potential.

  4. I love this's very encouraging. Thanks Martha :)

  5. I am a seed feeling as if I am rotting..I need the rain and sunshine....just can't find it...As always....XOXOXOXO

  6. This brought back happy memories of visiting the Farmer's Co-op with my grandfather, in preparation for fall or spring sowing. There was always something that required tending on the farm and living next door to my grandparents provided us with so many wonderful learning experiences. Learning the rhythms of the land was such a valuable thing to a young, curious mind. It also taught very strong work ethics and respect. I can remember, also, being taught this verse about the mustard seed and being able to watch the plants grow in the fields. Lovely memories!

    - Dawn

  7. Thank you, my friends, for taking the time to stop by and comment today!
    @David - Yes, He gives us everything we need, but we need to be willing to grow in Him and with Him. The Rose is a gorgeous song!
    @Jessica - so glad this gave you encouragement today!
    @Bonnie - Praying for that rain and sunshine . . .
    @Dawn - I'm so glad this devotion brought back such pleasant memories for you! How wonderful that you were able to grow up so close to your grandparents and could enjoy learning from them; some of my most precious memories are spending time with mine. Now, I am one! :)
    I hope I can give my little granddaughter sweet memories, too.

    Blessings to all!

  8. The paper packages remind me of pew potatoes who just sit for the sermon, then go home to their fruitless lives. The question we should ask ourselves is how much fruit am I bearing?

  9. each day is a day filled with life lessons to better us hoping that one day we will be able to ask that very question that Debra writes in her comment above " How much fruit am I bearing"

  10. Hi, Debra and Savira! Thanks so much for stopping here today!
    @Debra - How I love this analogy!!! We should be asking ourselves how we are being fruitful for His Kingdom!
    @Savira - When we are open to God, listening for His guidance, taking, to quote you, the time and patience to wait upon His answer, we will surely never be disappointed!

    Blessings to you both!


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