Sunday, October 30, 2011

"If Elected, I Promise . . ."

Nehemiah 5:19
Remember me with favor, my God, for all I have done for these people.

November is right around the corner. If you live in the United States, you know what that means - elections! This year, our town's ballot features local candidates and issues only. There is no presidential or state contest to lure the voters.

Yet, the elections which are the most pivotal to any community are the ones where the representatives are also your neighbors. Any decisions made while they are in office will affect you most directly. Choosing a candidate who shares your vision for the future of your town, city, or county is crucial.

This is definitely not the time to leave a chad hanging!

Our town is governed by a mayor and a five-member city council. I am privileged to know, personally, three out of the six. They are leaders, communicators, and listeners who place the welfare of their constituents above all else.

They are transparent; no smoke-filled rooms or shady deals behind closed doors on their watch! Every council meeting is open to the public. Every decision is published in our local newspaper and on the city website. They want to be held accountable. They desire to serve, not be served.

And, for all three, the Lord comes first in their lives.

Before you head to the voting booth this November, I pray you will research the candidates and issues with great care. How you choose today could affect not only your quality of life, but also that of your children and grandchildren.

May those individuals we elect find favor with God for all they do for the people.

Psalms 24, 29 or 8, 84
Nehemiah 5:1-19
Acts 20:7-12
Luke 12:22-31


  1. Voting and staying informed is indeed critical. Hard to do in this busy time when every minute seems taken up but I just finished reading a comparison of the candidates in the local news. I am grateful for publications that make it easier!

  2. My father-in-law was mayor of our city for six straight terms (12 years). So yeah, I know the importance of voting in character. But unfortunately, we sometimes vote in “characters.” Politicians who are just playing the field.

  3. Wished all of them in the USA had that attitude. I feel most in my area feels, What's in it for them?

  4. I agree with Sea Green Natural. I wish politicians would be more open and honest instead of only thinking of personal gain and power.

  5. Thanks to everyone for stopping by!
    @Lynne - It is often the last thing on our minds, this voting thing, but it is a privilege, not a right. Our duty is to stay informed and vote with our heads, not our hearts. :)
    @Debra - Wow! So neat about your FIL! Yes, there are too many characters out there longing for our votes, wanting power and prestige above all else.
    @Cathy - As I said to Debra, too many are not in it to serve others, but to be served. So sad!
    @Rimly - Ditto! Politics can turn the most honest of persons into power-hungry monsters. That's when it's time to vote them out!

    Blessings and thanks to all!


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