Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas . . .

Isaiah 11:8
The infant will play near the cobra's den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper's nest.

Christmas is a joyous time of wonder. Especially for children.

Advent calendars to open. A tree on which to hang glittering ornaments. Lights strung on garlands, wreaths, rooftops, and trees to capture the imagination. Cookies to help mom bake and, better yet, eat!

But, when a child is as young as my granddaughter, Virginia Rose, the trappings of Christmas can be a hazard. A den of cobras. A nest of vipers.

We already take precautions we would not have in previous years.

The charming Christmas village which customarily adorns our stone hearth stays in its boxes. Too many small pieces. Too many sharp edges. Far too much temptation for little hands.

Instead, when Virginia visits, we drape a large comforter over the stone ledge to cushion the blow should she inadvertently slip and bump her head. Not pretty, but neither is a knock to the noggin. In my book, safety trumps beauty every time.

We tape loose wires to the walls, place the all-too-fragile Nativity scene out of toddler reach, and insert plastic safety caps on open electrical outlets.

But, what to do about the Christmas tree?

Nothing could be more enticing to a 17-month-old . . .

The twinkling lights. The scintillating ornaments. The inviting branches.

Nothing could be more perilous . . .

Sharp ends of plastic branches. Fragile, glass ornaments too easily broken. Plastic snowflakes sprinkled on the boughs.

And, the lights? Thanks to our LED strings which stay cool, a singed hand is, thankfully, not a threat.

But, what to do about the rest?

Crank up the "no-nos" and watch her like a hawk!

Ready to snatch Virginia's innocently curious hand from the cobra's den, the viper's nest.

Willing to go to any length to keep her safe and sound . . .

Because, the dangers of this world are many.

And, the vision of Isaiah is yet to be fulfilled . . .

Will you pray with me?
We know, Lord, that the day will come when the lion will lie down with the lamb, when hurt and pain will be now more, when you will wipe away every tear. We wait for you, Lord. We wait for the day of Your coming. Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.


Psalms 61, 62 or 112, 115
Isaiah 11:19
Revelation 20:1-10
John 5:30-47


  1. :-) Virginia is sooo cute and adorable.

  2. Thanks, Janu, and thanks for stopping by today. :)

  3. First of all A very happy birthday to Danny.
    I love the picture of Virginia,she is so sweet.I am glad u are taking all the necessary precautions.
    I wish you the best possible Christmas you have had.

  4. I found it - a bloggers surprise - nice touch.

  5. What a cute picture! Hope your Christmas is filled with blessings.

  6. Beautiful picture of your little angel! She is so precious! I'm glad my son is now a bit older, last year he was definitely a terror around the tree! lol...A parent's job (and grandparent's ;) ) is definitely to be vigilant in protecting our little ones from dangers that they are unaware of.

  7. Hi, Alpana, Danny, Lynne, and Jessica, thanks for stopping by today!
    @Alpana - Thanks for the birthday wishes for Danny; he was so pleased! Glad you like the photo of Virginia, too. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright!
    @Danny - Gotcha! :)
    @Lynne - Thanks! Hope your Christmas is blessed, too!
    @Jessica - I can absolutely picture Noah being that non-stop whirlwind and "tree terror". LOL! What a cutie! Thanks for your compliment of Virginia; yes, she is my angel indeed!

    Blessings to all!

  8. Hey Sistah!
    This rocketh! Thanks as usual and have just a tremendous Tuesday in Christ! I know you're having a fantastic Christmas season! The week's going too fast though!!

    God bless you Martha and this beautiful child! :-)

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by, Bernie!
    Yes, the week is already flying by and I am looking forward to the big day!
    Blessing to you, too, Brother! :)


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