Friday, January 6, 2012

Bearing Gifts, We Traverse Afar . . .

Matthew 12:21 (Isaiah 42:1-4)
"And in his name the Gentiles will hope."

(This post was inspired by the book Revelation of the Magi by Brent Landau.)

A sign in the heavens. A lone star. A new star.

As brightly shining by day as by night.

It is for this the Magi have waited. Generation upon generation.

Waited . . . And, watched . . .

In faith. In trust. In hope.

For His coming into the world.

A king like no other.

The star's radiance conveys the message loud and clear.

He is born! The King of kings! The Lord of lords! Follow me! Follow me and see!

In unbridled excitement and overwhelming joy, the caravan is assembled.

Food. Water. Clothing. Bedding. Camels to carry it all.

And, most importantly, to bring the gifts meant only for Him.

Stored for untold ages. In a secret cave known only to the Magi. Now, reverently, ceremoniously, brought to light.

Gold - He is our King.

Frankincense - He is our High Priest.

Myrrh - He is born to die for our sins.

Meticulously, painstakingly packed.

The star, dancing in their eyes, begs their journey to begin.

A long, arduous, dangerous, unpredictable trek upon which, in faith, in trust, in hope, they cannot wait to embark.

And, as they travel, following the steadfast star, the miraculous occurs.

Rough and rocky roads are smooth and safe. Mountains melt before their approach. Streams appear when thirst comes upon them. Their food is replenished daily.

It is never too hot. Never too cold.

And, they do not grow weary.

They follow and follow and follow the star. For weeks, for months, for years.

In faith. In trust. In hope.

Until that glorious and joyous day when the star comes to rest over the place where the child, Jesus, the Messiah, is staying.

In humility and awe, the Magi fall down at His feet in sublime worship.

They present to gifts meant only for Him.

Saved and cherished for this very moment in time.

When God became flesh and dwelt among us.

They, though Gentiles, witness to the truth that Jesus, Son of God, most high King, has come to save one and all.

And, they return home, rejoicing in the spirit, resting in the hope of salvation.

Does today find you rejoicing in the spirit, resting in the hope of salvation?

Will you pray with me?
Thank you, Father, for the witness of the Magi to Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. At this celebration of Epiphany, may we all, like they, fall to our knees to worship our King, our High Priest, our Savior. May our hearts be ever filled with faith and trust and hope. Amen.

Psalms 46, 97 or 96, 100
Isaiah 49:1-7
Revelation 21:22-27
Matthew 12:14-21


  1. What a journey and how symbolic it is for our own life journeys. What persistence, what dedication, what faith!

  2. Hi, Lynne!
    Thanks for coming by today!
    If you haven't read the book that inspired this post, I recommend it if only for its beauty and mystery. And, rich imagery!
    Thank you for your wonderful comment.
    Blessings to you!

  3. So fit for our Feast today :)While we look at them and their journey, we focus on the true light that brought them there. Everything is worth the travel for Jesus. May we be enriched by the kings' experiences. Thank you for the reflection.

  4. Hi, Melissa! So great to see you here.
    Yes, may we all follow that Star, our Lord and Savior, every day of our lives with the same faith and diligence these Magi had.
    Blessings to you!


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