Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Genesis 16:13
She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the One who sees me."

Virginia Rose loves to play "peek-a-boo".

She covers her eyes with her hands, her favorite pink "Baby Bear", or, as in the photos above, any toys she happens to be holding.

We say, "Where's Virginia?"

She makes us wait a second or two.

"Where's Virginia?"

Up or down go her hands from her beaming face.

"There she is!" We exclaim.

She also loves it when one of us reciprocates by hiding our own eyes.

"Where's Gammie?" I ask, palms over my eyes. I imagine the look of anticipation on Virginia's face.

"Here she is!" I announce as I remove my hands to a chorus of giggles.

As we play this game with her, ancient me
mory floats to the surface. I recall being three-years-old, hiding my eyes beneath my hands, and thinking that because my eyes were covered, no one else can see me. I am invisible!

And, it makes me wonder what is going through Virgina Rose's mind when she conceals her eyes.

When we ask, "Where's Virginia?", does she imagine she has disappeared from our view? That we can't see her? That she has vanished?

When, in truth, she has been fully in our sight the whole time.

Aren't we, at times, playing peek-a-boo with God?

Covering up our eyes and pretending, like a child, He can't see us?

Concealing our sins instead of confessing them?

Until He has to ask, "Where's Martha?"

Oh, I do hope He never has to!

But, if He does, I pray to promptly answer, "Here I am, Lord!"
Have you been playing peek-a-boo with God?

Will you pray with me?
You see us, Father, with all our shortcomings, our failures, our mistakes, yet, warts and all, You love us. We are so thankful for Your grace, mercy, and forgiveness. May we ever keep our eyes opened and focused on You. Amen.

Psalms 119:49-72 or 49 (53)
Genesis 16:1-14
Hebrews 9:15-28
John 5:19-29


  1. Virginia is beautiful...

    Sometimes we have sinned in our own eyes so deeply that we don't know how to return to God. Our sin seems so big we simply can't face Him. It isn't so much that we don't love God. In fact, it is largely because we do that we cannot figure out how to tell Him about what we did. Our betrayal of His love, our utter failure where we promised devotion, makes us feel unworthy of Him.Have you wept those bitter tears? Have you walked away from Him because of your sin? Unworthy, unacceptable. God will use your failure for your good, your instruction, your growth.God is coming to you. It isn't so much your sin that hurts Him, as your reluctance to face Him and trust Him even in your failings. He is your Father. His calling is unchanging. His love, unfailing. He has come seeking you, true Shepherd that He is. Bury your head in His chest, accept His embrace, and begin again, as at the first, to follow Him. There, in His grace, you will find a firm foundation for serving others, your own needs met.

    1. Wow, Alpana, your message here says it all so perfectly and eloquently, my friend!
      It reminds me of what inspirational speaker Beth Moore said at the Passion 2012 conference we recently attended - there is no sin so bad that it can make the Lord unclean. That so describes what you have written here.
      Yes, our first impulse is to hide in shame, but we need to always remember how great His love is for us . . .
      Blessings to you and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful thoughts!

  2. This is so precious, the Peek-a-boo post! It makes me look forward to playing this game with Sara, my new babygirl. Virginia is too cute! I always think of her when I see a baby on TV that looks like her. When you said, “Will you pray with me?” for a moment there I thought you said, “Will you play with me ;-) Peek-a-boo Martha!

    1. So glad you dropped by, Debra, as always!
      Didn't know you had a new granddaughter! How wonderful! Yes, you will have so much fun with her, I guarantee. :)
      Love how you read the "will you pray" line. Isn't funny how the mood of something we're reading will cause us to see words differently? I've done this many times. :)
      And, thanks for your compliments of Virginia. She is my precious angel!

  3. Peek-a-boo, it is a game Lewis and Tristyn love to play as well. We have so much fun with it. I often wonder too what they are thinking, is gramma gone? Is Lewis?, if Lewis thought I was gone, he would not be giggling, as I am sure God would not be either. Good post.

    1. Hi, Jan, thanks so much for stopping by today!
      Isn't it amazing how all small children love to play this game? My favorite part is when Virginia laughs. :)
      I know you have so much fun with Lewis and Tristyn!

  4. Your grand-daughter is adorable! Funny how all children love to play peekaboo! Do we play peekaboo from God? Just as likely we play peekaboo and hide things from ourselves so we don't have to acknowledge the reality of what we do... or don't do. Rationalization I believe...

    1. Hi, Lynne, and thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment.
      I agree, we all suffer from rationalization. It is hard to look at ourselves straight in the eye sometimes, let alone look into God's.
      And, yes, I'm partial, but Virginia is a sweet beauty!

  5. Oooo, I recognize this stage Martha :) and wonder how simple children think. How adorable Virginia is!

    I was also reminded that Adam and Eve played hide and seek with God in Genesis.

    They said before people die, all their memories are flashed back ~ and one could look back at his/her life in details. No more peek-a-boos and hide-and-seek with God, everything is exposed.

    I pray with you, may God give us the courage to meet Him face-to-face no matter what.

    1. Hi, Melissa! Thanks so much for your wonderful insights here.
      I love your analogy to Adam and Eve - the first peek-a-boo game! Brilliant!
      Thanks, too, for the compliment for Virginia. As I told Lynne, I'm partial, but she is my angel!
      Glad you prayed with me . . .


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