Monday, January 9, 2012

"You're My Soul and My High Inspiration . . ."

Colossians 1:29
For this I toil and struggle with all the energy that he powerfully inspires within me.

Writing brings me such joy and satisfaction.

Writing for others, as I do with my devotions, takes that joy and satisfaction to immeasurable heights.

Do I write because I have a gift for it? Yes. To not acknowledge and act upon a talent the Lord has given me would be to deny Him and His desires for my life.

Is it easy for me? Yes, and no. Sometimes, the words literally fly off the keyboard. Other times, I pause. I ponder. I pace. I pray for inspiration.

It always comes . . . I've learned, on those days, to have patience with myself. To rest in God's timing.

Do I write every day? No. Because there are holidays, errands, events, and obligations which demand my time and attention.

So, in crafting my daily devotions, I stay a week to ten days ahead of the scheduled posting date. That way, I am prepared when expected, or unexpected, interruptions occur.

Do I always feel "up to it" when I sit down at the computer? Heavens, no! But, I remember His commission to me. I recall His promise.

To stay by my side . . .

As I read scripture. Choose a verse. Meditate upon it.

And, allow Him to show me the story He wants me to tell.

He hasn't failed me. Not once.

And, I know He never will . . .

He is within my soul. He is my inspiration.

When I toil, He shares my burden.

When I struggle, He takes me in His arms . . .

It has been said that writing is the most lonely of professions.

I don't buy it.

For, I am never alone.

My Jesus is with me always . . .

When do you feel the closest to the Lord?

Will you pray with me?
Thank you, Father, for the gifts and talents you have given to us. Help us to use them for Your honor and glory. Let us ever feel Your comforting presence in our lives, guiding, showing, teaching. Be our inspiration! Amen.

Psalms 121, 122, 123, or 131, 132
Isaiah 45:14-19
Colossians 1:24-2:7
John 8:12-19


  1. I like writing. It's one of the best ways I could express myself esp. when I couldn't share my feelings right away to anybody. I give myself away without judgment. Music is another form of expression. I'd sing most of my love songs to the Lord.

    I remember I wrote a whole section of my life in a book I wish to give my future husband. My Art partner encouraged me to share it in my blog. It's who I am ~ I was ... my experiences shaped by life and God.

    I pray with you to strengthen this relationship with God, Who is omnipresent.

  2. Martha you inspire me with your focus and ability to write so consistently well. It's truly a gift and you are using it well. ♥

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, Melissa!
    I'm with you - I don't know how I would enjoy life without writing and music. I am blessed to be able to sing praise songs to Him every Sunday in church.
    I love the idea of the book for your future husband - what a great idea and wonderful memory for you to look back upon and see how far you've come in your spiritual journey.
    Blessings always!

  4. For me, one of the times was when I held my daughter for the very first time. I literally felt like I was standing in the presence of God. When I interrupt my preoccupation with myself...When I look into my daughter's face and see the wonder at the world there…When I’m broken down and worn out. Then I’m forced to focus ONLY on Him.On the days that I’m able to get over myself and remember who it is that MADE ME. LOVES ME. SAVED ME.
    Thank u Martha...loved it.

  5. For me sometimes writing becomes a burden..since I write from emotion of that minute I can't have posts ready ahead of time...and there are time i stare at a blank page for hours ..not being able to find the words...but when a post does comes it is usually a's done's out there... because of the content I have never gone back and read a's an up and down journey for me....As always...XOXOXOXO

  6. Hi, Bonnie, thanks for stopping by today!
    I hear you about staring at the blank page . . . I've had my fair share of those, so try to write as much as possible on the good ones.
    Writing can be an incredible therapy; I'm glad you feel relief once the words are out. That's a good sign!
    Know you have many friends on the journey with you!
    Blessings always!

  7. Good post, Martha. I never feel alone when I write. Do only extroverts say things like that?

  8. Hi, J.R.,and thanks for stopping by!
    I am a fine balance between the introvert and extrovert. I'm so gratified to hear that you never feel alone when you write. In our creativity, we are, I am convicted, in communication with the creator of us all; the one who inspires the words, the hopes, the dreams.
    Glad this post spoke to you . . .

  9. Martha You have such a gift for writing while inspiring me with your ability to churn out daily devotionals. It's such a rush to convey what lies deep within and I imagine my readers sitting across from me listening to a story. Wish I could write everyday as you but unfortunately words can be difficult to find at times. Take care!!


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