Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Where You Lead, I Will Follow; Anywhere That You Tell Me to . . ."

John 10:27
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

When I get home from work each day, there is Maggie, my dog, to greet me. She leaps and barks excitedly, knowing her walk is eminent.

My cat, Jordan, looks on with an air of disdain at the dog's unseemly eagerness.

I hurriedly toss aside purse and briefcase. Grabbing the leash, I coax Maggie to be still long enough to fasten it to her collar. And, it's out the door we fly!

Jordan slips out with us a promptly vanishes behind some shrubbery.

Our condo complex sits on spacious acreage and sports an endless variety of dog-walking routes. Today, Maggie and I turn left on our street and head for the common area along the main road.

She trots briskly, purposefully, until an enticing smell presents itself. Then, it's stop abruptly, sniff and sniff and sniff until sufficiently satisfied. Then, off we go again.

It is during these moments we pause that I take time to look around me instead of staying focused on our journey's direction.

That's when I catch the glimpse. It's Jordan! She glides across the grass not thirty yards behind us and slinks into a shady grove of Leland Cyprus.

She's following us! Certainly maintaining a dignified distance. She is a cat, after all.

But, yes, she is definitely following us.

Maggie and I continue our walk. Withe every halt, I scan the landscape for Jordan.

I am never disappointed.

Never too close. Never too obvious.

Probably assuming in her cat's mind that I am oblivious to her presence.

She sticks with us the entire way.

Until we near the front door . . .

Jordan's timing is impeccable. The moment the key turns in the lock and the door is cracked, in she darts with lightening speed. Beating Maggie into the house by a country mile.

First in the house!

She's had enough of following.

At least, until tomorrow . . .
Are you following Jesus closely, or are you keeping your distance?

Will you pray with me?
Help us, Father, to listen for the voice of Jesus and follow Him alone. All we like sheep will wander and stray without His benevolent guidance. We are thankful that He know us and calls each of us by name. Amen.

Psalms 105:1-22 or 105:23-45
Genesis 32:3-21
1 John 2:18-29
John 10:19-30


  1. Nice post Martha...the reason I am not able to comment on many of your blogs is because I am not able to relate to many of the stories/topics on what you write.
    Well, I do follow a safe distance. I am a bit selfish here...seeking him when I need him the most and then maintaining that distance when I am not so needy. :-)

    1. Hi, Janaki, and thanks so much for dropping in today!
      Don't worry about not leaving long or involved comments. I so appreciate your faithful visits!
      And, I think we are all like this at times - when things are good, we sometimes forget to thank Him and when the going gets tough, we cry out for help. Human nature . . .
      Blessings to you!

  2. I was missing out on your posts Martha...and this one is doing good for my self esteem right now.
    The Lord does not spare us from all trouble. In this life we will experience pain, suffering, sickness, and death. But through these the Lord will lead us to ultimate victory and safety in his everlasting home. Even in the midst of our sufferings we can find a peace and security which no one can give except God alone. We can confidently follow the Lord wherever he leads, trusting that nothing can keep us from God if we trust in him.

    1. I've missed seeing you here, Alpana! Your comments are always a pleasure to read and today's is no exception. :)
      There is nothing like the peace and security God affords us. We are so blessed to rest in the knowledge of His great love for us and can trust Him in all things, both the good and the bad.
      Blessings to you!

  3. Martha - I am more of a talker than a pray-er. I have a long standing uncertainty when it comes to my practices. I do like reading your thoughts as they remind me to be open and consider what I might not. Thank you for this.

    1. So glad you stopped by today, Brenda!
      And, glad you are enjoying reading the posts. :)
      I believe talking to God is definitely a form of prayer. We have a conversation with Him just as if he is sitting right down next to us. And, when we stop speaking and listen, we often get an answer!
      Blessings to you!

  4. Wow..a really good question you ask at the end of this that would do us all some benefit to reflect on. Your cat reminds me of a cat I used to have as a child. We'd go hiking through the farmland across the street from us. We'd be a considerable distance from home and I'd see our cat stalking us from a distance. He'd always follow us no matter how far we went!

  5. I have read this on the day you posted it and it took me a while to come back. This is so rich Martha.It leads me to different passages. It made me stop and enjoy God's Words.

    "Wherever you lead, I will follow..." the same words Ruth said to Naomi (Ruth 1,16). "Anywhere" ~ when I was younger, it was easier to say Yes, Lord, I will follow you. But when I get used to a place, I grow roots and it's difficult to leave when it's time to go...but I know that God is always there eventhough the road seems bleak.

    with the experience you've shared, I can't help but think of God's reaction when we get lost... the thought of losing someone/something precious makes me crazy at times. I just have to go look for that and find it. Oh how much more God who loves us.

    I pray with you...I feel so loved ~ He knows us by name and gathers us around Him always. He is the Way.


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