Saturday, May 26, 2012


Matthew 9:24a
He said, "Go away.  The girl is not dead but asleep."

Ah, sleep!  Those blissful hours of slumber.  Undisturbed by the cares of the world.

Restful.  Healing.  Restorative.

To wake to a morning feeling renewed.  Eager to greet the day.

I covet my sleep.  All eight hours.

Yes, that is what I need to spend in repose if I am to properly meet the challenges of the day.  To face them head on.  Conquer them.

Because, when I don't get enough rest, no amount of caffeine can cure me.  Get me firing on all six cylinders.

I'm a spluttering engine.  Puttering through my foggy thoughts.  Unable to make good decisions.  Any decisions.

Worst of all, unable to write.

Sleep-walking through a wasted day.

And, grouchy?  I'm a mama-bear-and-you're-messing-with-my-cubs grouchy!

So, when it's time to hit the hay.  To call it quits.  Escape from thoughts and enter dreams.

Do.  Not.  Disturb.

And, that includes you, dear cat, who thinks it's time to eat at 3:00 a.m.

Meowing me from deepest slumber.

Waking the sleeping giant.

Who now can't get back to sleep.

Okay!  Okay!  I'm up!  I'm up!

And, praying there is a nap in my future . . .
How many hours of sleep do you need each night?

Will you pray with me?
Thank You, Father, for the gift of sleep, the time when the cares of the day are dispelled and our minds and bodies rejuvenated.  I pray today for my friends who suffer with insomnia - please cure them so that they, too, can enjoy a full night's rest.  May all our slumbers be peaceful.  Amen.

Psalms 107:33-43 or 108:1-6 (7-13)
Ezekiel 36:22-27
Ephesians 6:10-24
Matthew 9:18-26  


  1. Thank you so much Martha. Since I was a child, I had problems with sleeping. I never slept for more than 4 hours per night. I was always too anxious and it became like a vicious circle. I was too afraid that bombings would start during the night and that I would not wake up to make sure my family is safe. I also used to wake up just to visit each one's bed and make sure everyone is breathing. I am much better now and can sleep more and more easily, but the problem now is that i feel like sleep is a waste of time, so i avoid it which I know is very wrong.

    1. Thank you for stopping by today, Nikky!
      Boy, your childhood certainly sounds stressful and I can understand why, under those circumstances, you would not get adequate sleep. I probably wouldn't have either!
      Do remember, though, not all of us need the same hours of sleep to be able to function throughout the day. What you get now is, more than likely, doing the trick for you.

  2. AMEN - I will add to my little prayer that I do each night before going to bed.

    1. Thanks for coming by today, Me!
      Yes, that sounds like a good idea for me, too. :)

  3. I've always been someone who needed my 7 or so hours of sleep as well! In fact, I've been known to fall asleep no matter where I was or what was going on around me, just because it's time to sleep! I'm also an early riser---so once I'm done, I'm ready to greet the day, full steam ahead!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Lynne!
      I, too, am an early riser; always have been, though today, being Saturday, I didn't get up until after 7:00. Usually, I'm up between 6:00 and 6:30. Just can't "sleep in" like some do. Gives me the feeling of jet lag. :)

  4. Oh Martha, to be honest with you, I have a sleeping problem. I would wake up after 2 or 3 hours of sleeping at night and can no longer go back to sleep. That makes me feel groggy in the middle of the day. But thank God, I have time to sleep in the afternoon.

    Thank you so much for the prayer, Martha. And thank you for this beautiful reflection. God bless! <3 :-)

    1. Thanks so much for coming by today, Irene!
      So sorry to hear it's hard for you to get extended sleep, but so glad there is the opportunity for a nap. Sometimes, I really need these, too, especially when the cat works her midnight magic. Lol!
      Glad you liked this reflection and the prayer.
      Blessings to you!

  5. Ooo, you said it Martha. My brother and I exchanged hours editing last week and I asked him if I could sleep at least for an hour so I could work better.

    I sleep better after praying and talking to somebody after work. I usually go straight to my room when I get home but for the last couple of months I've been staying with my nieces longer.

    I also had a friend lull me to sleep whenever I felt dry. I also know that I'm not at peace when I couldn't sleep and Lisa wrote that God speaks to us in dreams ~ because it is the time when we could silence ourselves and listen to God.

    I pray with you that we may rest peacefully in the Lord so that we will awake with fresh hope and vigor to do our task for the next day.

    Love you Martha :*

    1. Yes, we so need sleep in order to have our lives and daily tasks in order. What a great habit to pray and share with friends before going to sleep. And, spending time with nieces, as they will grow too fast, is never time wasted!
      I wish God spoke to me more in dreams. He seems to do it when I'm fully awake, so I really and truly can't complain in the least.
      Yes! May we ever arise ready to do His will and walk in His ways in the day He has granted to us.
      Blessings always!

  6. Okay, Martha:
    Now you're speaking my language. There's nothing I like better then my sleep. Like you, if I don't get my 8 hours look out. Let me tell you a story about my cats. I'm typically up in the mornings by 530, I wake up and it's all over. There have been several times in the past month or so when I've still been asleep around 545. When that's happened. Milo, my shadow will jump up on my bed and paw my face until I roll over and pay attention to him. A good thing I have him as he has saved me a few times from oversleeping.

    Yes I love my sleep.

    1. Oh, Chris, I just have to LOL!!! Where would we be without our cats? I do love mine, but there have been nights when she (Jordan) has made the mistake of waking Danny and the extra pillow goes flying in her direction. On days he has to go to work, he rises at 4:45. Yikes! When left alone to my internal timeclock, I'm up before 6:30. Glad that Milo is a gentle wake-up call.
      Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  7. I get so aggravated with my kitties sometimes, not only do they wake me up for food, but at times they will have a full blown fight over a spot in the bed. I enjoy my sleep, since the kids arrived I have taken to napping when Tris does during the day. The silly cats even get me on the couch, as I drop off into more than a doze one will hop on my side and start kneading like crazy. Or worse yet Teddy will start talking, he is a big talker and nothing will quiet him until I start petting him and give him all he

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jan!
    Oh, wow, your kitties certainly give you a hard time! Especially, when you've got so much responsibility during the day with your beautiful grandchildren, lost sleep is not something you want to experience.
    Cats! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em! :)

  9. Ah, precious sleep! Yes! I have had issues with sleep over the years due to various reasons. These day I seem to be able to fall asleep better but I always wake up earlier than I'd like. Usually I hop on my cell phone to check Facebook or get on the computer. I guess I don't want to miss anything, but in the process I'm missing those few extra hours of sleep I need so much! Thanks for this prayer and reminder that we need to give ourselves time to rest! Blessings Martha!

    1. Oh, yes! Jumping out of bed just so we don't miss anything! I can identify with times like these, but it usually means a nap, or exhaustion, is in the offing.
      Do give yourself permission, and the time, to rest, my dear!
      Thanks for dropping in today!

  10. You have a cat waking you and I have a dog. Sometimes I just turn my back and pretend to sleep though I know I cannot go back to my slumber. Finally I give him a hug and kiss and follow him. I am a very light sleeper and I dont need too much sleep. I am up most of the time till past midnight and up by 6 in the morning.

    1. Oh, it's so difficult to ignore a dog, especially when we know they need to be let outside to do their business. :)
      I wish I could get by on less sleep than I need; there are days I have to, but I usually succumb to a nap. :)
      Thanks so much for visiting, Rimly!


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