Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Won't You Fly High, Free Bird?"

Psalm 124:7
We have escaped like a bird
from the fowler's snare;
the snare has been broken,
and we have escaped.

My father is an avid gardener.  One year, he decides to plant some blueberry bushes in our yard.  Nothing is tastier or more tempting than blueberries picked at the peak of ripeness from one's very own garden.

They give home-grown tomatoes a run for the money!

But, as much as we love blueberries, so do the birds.  We lose most of our first crop to their voracious appetites.

The next year, Dad decides to foil our feathered friends.  He drapes a fine-mesh netting over the bushes to protect the ripening fruit from being consumed by unwanted guests.  The net reaches from the top of the bushes to the ground.

Almost . . .

Colander in hand, I stroll from the house toward the blueberry bushes to collect the perfect ones.  It is a sweltering summer's day.  I am sweaty and uncomfortable, but the vision of Mom's blueberry pie keeps me focused on the task at hand.

As I draw near the bushes, there is a startling commotion beneath the netting.

A little bird, panicked by my approach, flails its wings vainly against its mesh prison.  Chirping manically, it frantically flutters, again and again, trying to escape.

To no avail.

I realize the bird must have slipped in under the net.  Now, in its fear and agitation, it cannot recall the way out.

I have to remove the net to free it.

Moving slowly so as not add to the poor creature's terrorized state, I grab the net from the bottom and lift it gently upwards.  The bird, not knowing that freedom is close at hand, beats its wings in furious retreat.

Entangles itself further in the fowler's snare.

It isn't until I have withdrawn the net completely from the bushes that it finally flies away.

And, the blueberries are all mine.
When the troubles of life entangle you, do you turn to the Lord for help?

Will you pray with me?
Too often, Father, we let the snares of life bind us.  Like the trapped little bird, we beat our wings hopelessly, trying to escape our fears or solve our problems on our own.  Remind us, dear Lord, that You are always there to free us when we turn to You in faith and trust.  Amen.

Psalms (120), 121, 122, 123 or 124, 125, 126, (127)
Exodus 5:1-6:1
1 Corinthians 14:20-33a, 39-40
Mark 9:42-50 


  1. I love fresh blueberries! We used to always have bushes of them growing in my yard as a kid. There was nothing better than on a summers day to go out to them and pick them at will, popping them into our mouths! God makes the most amazing treasures..in both big and small packages.

    I think it's always important to turn to God, who is always an anchor, when the storms of life come.

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica, for visiting today!
      Yes, there is nothing like those fresh blueberries. I enjoyed them both as a teen and later, as an adult, when I took care of my parents' home for them. Such great memories!
      And, God is our sure anchor in all the storms of life.
      Blessings to you!

  2. Aww Martha, I'm guilty of being "entangled" and trying to free myself on my own. I experienced how the bird failed in freeing itself from its bound state, because without God's guidance and enlightenment, there just seems to be no way out. But I am doing my best to get closer to Him every single day and I find Him lifting the net so I can be free. :-)

    P.S. The thought of blueberries just made me hungry! :-)

  3. Thanks so much, Irene, for stopping by today!
    I, too, was in that same "net" for more years than I wish to count before I learned to let go and let God. He wants us to cast our burdens onto His yoke so that we CAN be free. Keep letting Him lift that net for you! :)
    Many blessings!

  4. The thing is we get ourselves into our own mess without knowing how to get out of it...

    It's very interesting to reflect on freedom at this time.I ate the Words of God you shared here and your story plus this http://skipmoen.com/2009/07/30/more-than-i-am-2/.

    "It isn't until I have withdrawn the net completely from the bushes that it finally flies away..." I remember how Jesus gave us our freedom. And He always wants us to do the same for others.

    I pray with you Martha. Thank you for your reflections today.It allowed me to go deeper into what being free and setting people free is all about. I am truly grateful to God.

    1. Oh, yes, we sure can get into messes that are impossible to clean up without His help. So glad this post made you think about the value of freedom and Jesus' sacrifice that we might "have life and have it abundantly". We are freed by His great love!
      Thank you for coming by and for praying with me, Melissa!
      Blessings to you always!


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